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AGE: 28

What do your mornings look like?
Early. The first thing I do is make myself coffee and usually eat an apple with nut butter. Then ease into my day with some news and listening to music. I prefer to be in solitude the first couple hours of each day. I allot myself time to fumble around the internet and then set a time to start working (drawing, emailing, etc).

How do you calm yourself?
Incense (palo santo), music, tea, and a shower. Lately, I’ve been learning (thanks to my dear friend Julie) that a lot of times when we find ourselves worked up, sad, frustrated, in a pit, it is because we’re focusing too much on the past or on the future instead of the present. Reminding myself of that has definitely been a huge help to calming down and taking in the great things that are happening around me.

What’s your favorite medium for writing?
There’s something soothing about pen and paper. However, typing allows my hands to keep up with my brain, and as it’s all over the place, technology allows me to go back and forth between thoughts without having to scribble a million carets in.

What are three things you love to do alone?  
Draw/paint/create, visit art museums, and grocery shop.

Where do you go to look for inspiration?
Whatever I’m reading at the moment – a lot of times certain sentences or the way a few words are strung together will give me a visual that I want to depict, or send me on a trail of creative ideas. I’m currently working through the Barron In the Trees by Calvino (sloooowwwwwly) and it has set me on a fruit kick!
Decorative Ornament by Owen Jones
Field Guide to Pacific Sea Shells
Anatomy Books
Children’s Books

What is your guilty pleasure?
BBC MINI SERIES ERA PIECE DRAMAS or whatever they’re called. OMG. I’m a total sucker.

What do you listen to when you are sad?
– Devendra Banhart’s song, “First Song for B” and the last few songs on his album, “Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon”
– The Tallest Man On Earth’s album, “The Wild Hunt”
– Philip Glass, “Metamorphosis”

What do you listen to when you are happy?
Anything surfy!
Sons of the Pioneers

Can’t leave the house without…
Blistex Lip Medex lip balm pot +  a crystal i wear that’s from a little shop in Chinatown (NYC) for peace, prosperity and positivity + and I’m always wearing my great grandmother’s wedding ring.

Favorite book, movie, tv show, place to shop, place to drink coffee, and whatever else you want to tell us … Like, what are we missing that we should be getting into?  (sorry,  this may be lengthy)
BOOK: Perelandra by C.S. Lewis, Rainer Maria Rilke’s, Letters To A Young Poet + all the Harry Potters!
MOVIE: Romeo + Juliet and Hook
TV: Bob’s Burgers
DRINK: Coffee soda by Matchless (can be found at Steadfast + Crema, NASHVILLE + soon WWW)
FOOD: Soup, chips + salsa
COFFEE: Crema/Steadfast (Nashville), Stumptown at Ace Hotel NYC, Toby’s on 5th + 20th.
BAKERY: Grandaisy Bakery on 72nd + Broadway, NYC
CHIPS: Pepperoncini kettle chips
Candy: Peanut M&M’s or Justins Peanut Butter Cups
SMELL: First smell of coffee in the morning, the ocean, garden roses, palo santo, patchouli with citrus, first cut grass of the season, construction site, and first rain on warm pavement of the summer.
CHOCOLATE: Pop Rock Chipotle Chocolate is the greatest thing of all time.
Art & Fear by David Bayless and Ted Orland
The Little Mermaid by Hans Christen Anderson
LISTEN: RadioLab(podcast) episodes “Falling” and “Color”
MUSIC: Lately I’ve been listening to lots of Charles Bradley, Broncho, Tame Impala, and Glass Animals, War on Drugs, and Tibetan Meditation Music

KAMI BAERGEN is an artist (illustrator and painter) living in Nashville TN. She creates because she feels empty without it. She likes to make things that make her laugh, as well as things she finds interesting. She loves gold, confetti, collections, and sweater tees. She’s 28 years old, but she simultaneously feels 14 and 42. She’s a cynic and a lover. 

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